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John Amatt's most popular presentation, the highly innovative and inspirational 'Climbing Your Own Everest' explores the metaphor of striving to reach the top of the world. Illustrated by magnificent colour photography from his successful expedition which climbed Everest, and supplemented by music, sound effects, and taped radio conversations, this presentation investigates the qualities we must all bring to bear in climbing to the top in the difficult and unpredictable economic environments of the 1990's.
Concepts explored include:


- set against the life and death struggle on the mountain!

By drawing the analogy between the challenge of climbing to the top of the world and the equal challenge of "Climbing Your Own Everest" in a personal and professional sense, this presentation lends special focus to the challenges facing us all in the future. Speaker support for this presentation is available in wide screen, nine projector format, as well as single screen, two projector dissolve.




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