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John Amatt is renowned for using high-quality photographic images to illustrate his presentations.  To this end, the following suggestions and specifications are provided to assist planners in setting up prior to the event:

Black Out - the room chosen for the presentation must have good quality “black out” curtains on all windows.  This is particularly important if the presentation is scheduled during daytime hours, where sunlight could interfere with the quality of the image on the screen.

Screen - the larger the screen the better!  Obviously, an audience of 1,000 persons will need a larger screen than one of only 100 persons.  As an absolute minimum, however, we recommend a screen size of 10 foot by 8 foot.  All photographic images are in horizontal format.  If possible, we recommend that rear screen projection be used.

Digital Projection - John's speaker support is available on a CD-ROM photo disk in a Microsoft PowerPoint format.  This CD can be shipped upon request to meeting planners and production companies in advance of the presentation.  However, John also travels with his presentation on a notebook computer.  In both cases, an LCD digital projector is required and must be provided by the event organizers.

A/V Modules - to complement John’s presentations and provide a consistent theme throughout a 2/3 day event, a seven-part award-winning series of audio-visual modules are available for rental, exploring the metaphor of “Everest: The Ultimate Summit”. This series is available in single screen, three projector and wide-screen, nine projector formats.  Individual modules focus on the themes of:  Dare to Achieve (Opener), First Steps (Planning), Working Together (Teamwork), The Adventure of Change (Change), Pushing your Limits (Awards), Straight to the Top and Beyond (Candids Meeting Closer). (For more information on length and cost please ask your Speakers Bureau contact.

Microphone - a podium microphone or lavaliere (throat mike) are both suitable.  However, a lavaliere microphone is preferred since it gives more flexibility of movement.  In either case, the location of the microphone should be such that the screen is visible to the speaker.

Lighting - during the presentation, the house lights must be dimmed to provide maximum quality of slides on the screen.  Therefore, it is a good idea to have a separate spotlight which should be focused on the speaker so that he is visible throughout.  Someone in the audience should be delegated to dim the light at the appropriate time.

Time Clock - where time is at a premium and exact timing for the presentation is necessary, a digital time clock on (or near) the podium is of great assistance to the speaker.

NOTE - While the above specifications reflect the value of audio-visual support for John Amatt’s presentations, it should also be understood that his message has been given with great effect without any slides and music at all. In short, the presentations are completely flexible for all formats and audience size.










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