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Team members:

Bill March - leader, Professor of Physical Education. First through the icefall and one of the first to Camp II. Fixed 1,300' of rope of Lhotse Face to 25,000 elevation



Lloyd Gallagher - deputy leader.  Mountain Rescue Specialist. Beaten back just below 26,000' prior to summit bid.  Descended 3,000' Lhotse Face in the dark to advise teammates he was alright.



- Laurie Skreslet - climber. Mountain Guide. First Canadian to the summit. First to the Western Cwm with Bill March. Fractured ribs while working in icefall, but recovered to be the first on the summit.



Pat Morrow - climber. Photographer. Second Canadian on Summit, after finding 'gift' of renewed strength at Camp IV.


Alan Burgess - climber. Professional mountaineer. Strongest climber of the team. Pushed rope to South Col in critical race against time to establish Camp IV. Beaten back on summit bid by oxygen malfunction.


Dwayne Congdon - climber. Mountaineering instructor. Youngest member of the team. Carried two oxygen bottles from Camp II to IV without oxygen himself to make Morrow's summit bid possible.



Dave Read - climber. Millwright. Narrowly escaped death when Blair Griffiths was killed, and moments later saved the life of Sherpa Nima Tshering. Climbed to camp IV at 26,100'.


John Amatt - business manager, climber.  Management consultant.  Played a key role in making expedition one of the best prepared and financed. Carried to Camp I, but following deaths, returned to Kathmandu to act as spokesman and press liaison.


Gordon Smith   - climber. Engineer. Tireless worker both in the icefall and on the Lhotse Face, two of the most demanding and harrowing sections. Carried oxygen to near South Col to aid summit teams. First to brave icefall after tragedies.


Peter Spear - Base Camp Manager, teacher. Buried in avalanche that killed three Sherpas and rescued by Rusty Baillie. Highly efficient organizer at base Camp and prior to departure.


Steve Bezruchka - high altitude doctor. Carried to Camp I. Attempted to revive Pasang Sona after avalanche. Aided Bill March at subsequent cremation ceremonies.


Also Contributed:

Rusty Baillie - climber. Instructor of Outdoor Pursuits. Rescued three lives in icefall accidents. Withdrew from Expedition.

Dave McNab - climber. Mountaineering instructor. Strong climber and a leader in the icefall. Withdrew from Expedition.

Tim Auger - climber. Directed rescue operations after avalanche and helped retrieve body of Blair Griffiths. Withdrew from Expedition.

Don Serl - climber. Equipment store buyer. Experienced difficulty acclimatizing to altitude. Withdrew from Expedition.

James Blench - climber. Mountaineering instructor. Strong climber and load carrier through icefall. Withdrew from Expedition.

Dave Jones - Base Camp Doctor. Unable to acclimatize. Withdrew from Expedition.

Jim Elzinga - climber. Photographer. Equipment coordinator and strong climber. Made own way to Base Camp after tearing leg ligaments. First to Camp I. Withdrew from Expedition.

Kurt Fuhrich - Base Camp Cook.


In Memoriam:

Blair Griffiths - Professional cameraman. Died in accident while repairing icefall after avalanche

Pasang Sona - Sherpa Climber. Died in avalanche

Ang Chuldim - Sherpa Climber. Died in avalanche

Dawa Dorje - Sherpa Climber. Died in avalanche



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