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If you are planning a business meeting to challenge your organization to....

  • embrace change

  • take prudent risks

  • stretch beyond comfortable
    personal limits

  • set and achieve tough goals

  • meet commitments

  • build teamwork and trust

... "The Ultimate Summit" series can provide the framework and structure to deliver your message in a motivational and memorable way.

"Everest: The Ultimate Summit" is the story of one Canadian mountaineering team's successful expedition to the top of the world.   Success did not come easily nor quickly and the summit did not yield before forever extracting a piece of every member of the team.

The story of what drove this successful expedition contains several business metaphors, providing an ideal framework for a themed business meeting.   "The Ultimate Summit" series of audio-visual modules both establishes the adventure theme and provides continuity throughout various stages of the meeting.  As a modular system, the series is flexible and can be customized to fit a wide variety of meeting formats and agendas.

And, as a special option, the stars of the show -- the actual Everest climbers from the featured team -- are available to speak to your meeting audience.

The seven modules include:

Using dramatic photography and an involving "personal glimpse" style of narration, this theme-setting module profiles one team's triumph on Mt. Everest. The story combines business goals and human interest by focusing on the personal thoughts and motivations of three team members as they set goals, make plans, work as a team, face change, and reach down to find the deeper level of commitment that pushes them to the top. The module ends with a new beginning: when the climbers reach the top, they reflect momentarily on their triumph, and then discuss their need to take on the next challenge that lies ahead.


The importance of planning and preparation is covered this presentation, which begins with a "practice climb" on the cliffs of the Rocky Mountains in Canada. The team members tell how they first began planning five years before the climb, and how that period allowed them to test ideas and prepare themselves so they would be able to face all obstacles that could occur during the actual climb.


In this module, the audience learns that even though the expedition may involve over one hundred people, they all know from the start that only two or four will actually get to stand on the summit. This underlines the need to align your goals and your sense of accomplishment with the success of the entire team. Other topics treated in "Working Together" include valuing each person’s contribution, helping each other out, and drawing on one another as sources of inspiration and support.


A sudden avalanche drives the flow of events in this exciting module. As the audience watches the climbers triumph over adversity, they hear the team members reflect on their fears and apprehension in the face of change. But then, they hear how these people triumph over that fear and ultimately view change as an opportunity to grow and a chance to become even better than they were when they began.


Ordinary people driving forward against punishing winds, sub-zero temperatures, and a constantly depleting level of oxygen highlights the message of this module. "Pushing Your Limits" reveals how the climbers found something within themselves to keep them moving on to greater heights, even though the odds seemed virtually impossible. With its portrayals of personal commitment and incredible accomplishment, his module makes an excellent lead-in to an awards ceremony.


This module brings your meeting to a dramatic conclusion by focusing on the challenge ahead. The message of this module is not so much the thrill of triumph, but of the desire to prove yourself once more. Even though the climbers have reached the highest summit in the world, they speak of their need to find new challenges, new adventures, and new goals to achieve.


This high energy closing module is the perfect way to showcase all the key elements of your meeting, while allowing your audience an opportunity to take a candid look at themselves. Using a dynamic original theme song and bold, brilliant graphics, "STRAIGHT TO THE TOP" is guaranteed to bring your people to their feet. 

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