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Motivate your team to new heights!  Peak Performance Products from John Amatt can help you integrate the principles of the "Adventure Attitude"™ philosophy into your personal and professional life.  They can reinforce the learning of a John Amatt Keynote Presentation and make a perfect participant gift.  If you would like to order any of the products below, please contact the Speakers Bureau that directed you here.



In Straight to the Top and Beyond, John Amatt, mountain climber and C.E.O. uses the metaphor of adventure - climbing Mount Everest - to articulate an innovative strategy for addressing the challenges of a rapidly-changing world. He believes that to succeed in the 21st century, we must learn to be risk takers; to become visionary and adventurous in dealing with the new social, political, and economic environments in which we will be forced to live. Straight to the top and Beyond is a fascinating account of the author's climb to the peak of Mount Everest; it is also a call to businessmen and women to become adventurers; to seek out difficulty and to stretch their potential. Click below to read excerpts:

Softcover, 176 pages, ISBN #: 0-9683101-0-9




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Developed in association with the Banff Centre for Mountain Culture, "Extreme Landscape" brings together the original work of 19 renowned writers, explorers, adventurers, and scientists who share a passion for, and a commitment to, the world’s extreme environments. Ranging in subject from culture, spirituality, and psychology of extreme landscapes to their consumption and conservation, the diverse essays in this collection present a thoughtful and complete exploration of the enduring lure of mountains and their wild extremes.

Featuring contributions from such authors as Barry Lopez, Wade Davis, Gretel Ehrlich,  Reinhold Messner and One Step Beyond President John Amatt and first-hand accounts from the Andes and the hidden valleys of Tibet to the wind-scoured fjords of Patagonia and the icy reaches of northern Greenland, Extreme Landscape is a meditation on the indelible effect of extreme environments on our lives—and of our equally indelible impact on these landscapes. 

Paperback, 320 pages, ISBN #: 0792263960




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Celebrating 25 Years of the Banff Mountain Film Festival (founded by John Amatt), "Voices from the Summit" is an extraordinary tribute to the art of mountaineering from many of the world's greatest living climbers.  It is a book both unique in scope and unprecedented in authority. Looking back at climbing's milestones and forward to new challenges, these founding fathers, contemporary superstars, and their chroniclers explore every aspect of the sport and offer a thoughtful, personal, and often provocative vision of what mountaineering truly means to the men and women who test their spirits and hazard their lives in the risky but richly rewarding world of high adventure.   Contributors include: Sir Christian Bonington, Davis Brashears, Kitty Calhoun, Riccardo Cassin, Greg Child, Yvon Chouinard, Peter Croft, Wade Davis, Catherine Destivelle, Kurt Diemberger, Ed Douglas, Mick Fowler, Will Gadd, Anderl Heckmair, Lynn Hill, Sir Edmund Hillary, Thomas Hornbein, Leo Houlding, Dr. Charles Houston, Silvo Karo, Guy Lacelle, Jeff Lowe, Reinhold Messner, Pat Morrow, Royal Robbins, Audrey Salkeld, Doug Scott, Todd Skinner, Junko Tabei, Jack Tackle, Ed Visteurs, Krzysztof Weilicki. 

Softcover, 256 pages, ISBN: 0792279581




Pat Morrow was the second Canadian Climber to Summit Mt. Everest as a member of the 1982 Canadian Mt. Everest Expedition. When Pat reached this rare place, he took a photo of Sherpas Pema Dorje and Lhapka Tshering making their way to the summit. Artist Brian Anderson later painted Pat into a stunning watercolour, from which the Everest Summit Lithograph was reproduced. This magnificent image is perfect for framing and makes an ideal gift for meeting participants.  Have the Lithograph autographed by One Step Beyond Speakers to add a personal touch.  Click here for an enlarged view

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